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Spoil your customers with a selfie experience that delivers real-time on-the-spot beautification.

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AR SOLUTIONS Spoil your customers with a selfie experience that delivers real-time on-the-spot beautification.

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With Hiface, you can buy glasses without going to stores.


Make your users feel special with beauty filters and makeup.


Make a difference by giving you the opportunity to try with accessories such as glasses, earrings, hats.


Meet the next generation of ads that will help you grow organic now.

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Stop trying it at the store, try it before you go to the store with hiface.
place your order online.

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With support for Android, iOS, HTML and unity, you can introduce Hiface to your users across all platforms.
We can help you save time by integrating quickly.


Our honest approach to our users triggers and accelerates our growth organically.

Trust and sincerity are more important to us than anything else. Transparency and reliability about data privacy against users is our core value.


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Try on Realtime Makeup on your face (full makeup, lips, eyeshadows)

* Perfectly fitting hair styles
* Individual makeup recommendations carefully sellected for you
* Various glasses you can try on while sitting on your cozy couch
* Follow beauty & fashion trends like never before - on click & super easy
* Discover what you always have been and can be!
* Different styles with constantly renewed features

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Megan Elizabeth
Android User

Love this app exactly what I been looking for in a faceshape analyzing app🥰

Satish Karna
Android User

Awesome app love its features

Sattya Prakash Shah
Android User

I try this and believe me it's really work. It's really a Wonderful aap.

Acting Mania
Android User

Wowwww i can see all fashion

Veer Singh
Android User

It's awesome and it tells right thing about your face. It's very very good. I recommend that everyone can install this app.

Vaibhav Mishra
Android User

I really like it. I am very confused about my face shape but this app cleared all my doubts about my face. So now I can easily choose batter for my look.

Khan Brothers
Android User

Marvellous technology I suggest everybody those who are worry about there hairstyle,beared and moustaches.My experience is telling these words. Try this app believe me you will surprise.

Android User

Easy to use app, i was never completely sure about my face shape because i always felt like it was mixed. But this app made it more clear as to what it is with an outline to overlap your face. This app gives great inspiration for new looks (clothing and hairstyles). P.S. If you want more feedback, how about giving me free premium? 😉 EDIT: Thank you so much!! 🙂


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